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Sit, Stand, & Move With Ease

If you’re feeling pain or aches in your head, neck, shoulders or back, you need thank your body for telling you something’s wrong. It may be counterintuitive, but it’s better to know than to have a silent problem that breaks your body down over time.


If you’re sitting at work, or have to stand up for extended hours five days a week, you may be experiencing these symptoms:

• Neck pain which can cause headaches and/or “burning” muscle aches
• Sleeping Problems
• Back pain causing difficulty with lifting, bending, & prolonged sitting/standing
• Shoulder pain causing difficulty reaching, dressing, lifting
• Hip pain
• Knee pain causing difficulty bending, climbing stairs
• Ankle weakness causing balance issues
• Overall poor posture and weakness
• Some patients said that they feel like they are not as physically fit as they want to be

It’s time to treat your body better & do something about it!

44th Street Health & Wellness
44th Street Health & Wellness Massage
44th Street Health & Wellness

One of our Physical Therapists will develop a personalized plan with you to alleviate pain and improve symptoms to get fast results. Unlike Physical Therapy Centers where you perform exercises in a large communal room or gym, we provide a commitment to detail from the comfort and privacy of your own treatment room. Our highly trained staff are invested in both your experience and recovery, utilizing these proven specialties:


• Kinesiotaping
• Neuromuscular techniques
• Spinal manual therapy
• Balance Training
• Postural Correction
• Medical Massage
• Patient Education & Coaching
44th Street Health & Wellness Staff

Develop a personalized plan with your Physical Therapist from the comfort of a private treatment room

(212) 973-8299

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